The question everyone asks prior to leaving!

This is a question I get asked from many of my clients. Unfortunately it’s a question that only they can answer. Its my job to support them before, during and after the decision not make that decision for them.

This isn’t about blaming your partner or taking on all the blame yourself, it’s about going ‘within’ and recognising that we are all responsible for our own happiness, it takes courage to recognise that it’s up to you, not your partner to take responsibility for your happiness.

You need to be honest with yourself and ask, “have I been showing up as me in this relationship?” Change is inevitable, who you were when you first met, while in the ‘honeymoon phase’ will not be who you are today.

It’s important to recognise that as humans we grow, sometimes that means we grow apart from our partner.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when making that decision:

  • First and foremost – are you safe? If you are in an abusive relationship, whether physical, emotional, or mentally, you need leave and seek support
  • Do your values align?
  • Are they controlling you – do they tell you what to do, what to wear or who you can ‘hang out’ with?
  • Does your partner humiliate you in front of other people?
  • Do you trust your partner?
  • Can you see a future with this person?
  • And ask yourself, “am I showing up as me?”

Ultimately when the question “should I go?” turns into a statement “I must go” – it’s a decision that takes immense courage, self-belief and inner strength. It’s a question that I hope you don’t have to ever make – People change, life changes

Only you can answer the question

Only you can make that decision

Be true to you

Always remember…..your future is your choice

If one or more of these questions resonate with you, feel free to reach out


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