The Seven Laws Of Your Mind


by Michael Domeyko Rowland


Discover The Greatest Secrets to Manifesting A Successful Life.

Let’s cut straight to the chase. The Three Realities You Must Know About Yourself:

ONE. Everything that happens in your life is called an experience. Some of these just happen and you find yourself in them, others you cause yourself.

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TWO. The experiences that you create in your life are clearly a result of the choices that you make. A person or an opportunity appears on the ‘screen of your life’ and you decide either to go with that person or event or not. So you only ever have two choices: either ‘yes’ I will go with that person or opportunity or ‘no’ I will not. Your life is made up of all the things you have said ‘Yes’ to. Those you said ‘No’ to have gone. The question to understand why your life has been as it has, is why did I say ‘Yes’ to those opportunities and people – what made me do that? Let’s see exactly why this happens, because if you want to improve or change your life in any way, then you must know why and how you made those choices.

THREE. All your choices come from your own mind. They certainly do not fly into your head from outside yourself or come from anywhere else. Your mind is your creative power, because it is the cause of your actions, it contains your personality, your behaviours, your thoughts and imaginings and everything else that goes on inside you. And, what goes on inside you is obviously the source of all the decisions and choices you make that then become your life experiences. The ways of making your life a far better experience, is all to do with your mind.

The Most Valuable First Step You Need to Take:

So, if you want to be successful in the easiest and fastest way possible, there is one absolutely essential and totally unavoidable thing you have to do first…

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