Introduction to Mindfulness for Special Needs Children

1.5 hour sessions over 8 weeks | $180


How this Mindfulness workshop can help

This workshop has been specifically written for students with special needs. Often young people with special needs have difficulty recognising social situations and can’t understand or recognise other people’s feelings. They can feel overwhelmed when confronted with confusing or unfamiliar situations which can lead to feelings of frustrations and emotional meltdowns.

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Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening ‘right now’ around them and within them through their feelings and senses. Often young people with special needs, particularly ASD can find common mindfulness practices, like sitting or lying down or closing their eyes difficult. This workshop follows different techniques, like breathing and mindful movement and body awareness.

These techniques, with practice, have shown to help with self-calm when difficult or emotional situations arise, they are particularly helpful for young people with ADHD and ASD as well as parents of special needs children.

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