Meditation transforms lives, it really works. It has been a major turning point for many people, myself included.

Anyone can meditate, its open to all human beings regardless of their creed, race, level of income, academic qualifications, self-confidence and health or fitness level.

It has been used by many people to awaken their creativity – they may not have actually called it meditation, but anyone who closes their eyes and consciously looks within themselves, have been ‘practicing’ meditation. You don’t need to go into the wilderness or monastery to meditate, it can be done at home or in a quiet place at work, in fact many high-profile companies now recognise the benefits of meditation and encourage their staff to practice.

Some of the main benefits from meditation include:

  • The ultimate stress reliever – it can release stress that you didn’t consciously know you had.
  • Clinically proven to improve health.
  • The most effective way to relax – allows you to be more receptive and less reactive.
  • Improves creativity – many famous artists and authors use it to open their minds to deeper creativity.
  • You are more in the here and now, with a less wandering mind, you become fully present.
  • Your personal power increases – you are more energised.

Many people say it’s too hard to meditate, they can’t stop the constant thoughts going through their mind. Meditation is not easy however, it is simple. It’s about releasing any resistances or preconceived ideas you have around meditation. It is a ‘practice’, so requires ‘practice’, you need to be persistant, it’s not a ‘bandaid’ to be used when you feel stressed, it’s a practice that will give you more energy, creativity and enthusiasm and will help keep you in-tune with what’s going on in your life.

Finally, and most importantly, “You don’t do it, it does you!” This means that by focusing on your intention and not forcing anything, you allow healing energy to fully awaken and take over the process of meditation. The goal of meditation is to bring yourself to a ‘State of Grace”, which is where you are filled with the highest of healing energies.


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