“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite the darkness” – Desmond Tutu

Over the last few months we seem to have been living in fear, fear of uncertainty, fear of what the future holds. But the thing with fear is that it makes us blind to any positive options that are presented to us. Anxiety, self-doubt and uncertainty are all friends of fear and will bring up any past disappointments and magnify the fear.

Maya Angelou said, “Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space, invite one to stay”.

I invited Hope.

Hope gives us the power and control we need to deal with the uncertainty of life (especially at the moment), Deepak Chopra said, “Hope is activated through self-awareness, this makes it a real and powerful force in our life, once genuine hope is ignited, it transforms your reality and eradicates fear and uncertainty.”

By living in hope we become self-confident and fearless, enabling us to look at uncertainty without fear, therefore allowing us to see the opportunities for growth and new possibilities.

When we have hope we believe that the best possible future is something we can create. We are filled with positive thoughts about what’s coming, however we need to take action to make hope effective – passive hope is just an excuse so set a goal, make a plan.

Creating and achieving goals is a vital part of living with hope. You can start small or ‘go for gold’, just set a goal and stick to the plan. Realising our goals shows us that our past disappointments are no longer our present reality.

Hope makes us strong and secure, don’t let fear destroy your hope, take action now and show everyone that yesterdays ‘unreality’ has become todays reality.

What are you going to do with your new found hope?

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