Do You Want To Be Free?


Free of anger and bitterness that is eating away at you.


Free of hurt and resentment that is causing stress in your body.


If you answered YES, then you need to forgive because forgiveness sets you free!


Forgive the person who wronged you!

By holding onto and reliving your anger and hurt, bitterness and resentment you are giving up your power to the person who wronged you and by re-living the wrong that was done to you, you are living in the past therefore unable to move forward and live the life you are meant to live.

Forgiveness lets you regain your personal power and regain control of your life.

Forgiving can be hard, heres a few tips to help you:

  1.  You can talk to a friend or life coach who will support you without judgment.
  2. Write in your journal, release the negative emotions from your body.
  3.  Understand your feelings and express them so you feel heard
  4. Forgive yourself for your contribution to what happened so you can move on.
  5.  Leave it in the past don’t dwell on it.
  6.  Find the beauty in your present life.

Forgiving the person that wronged you is one thing but what happens if you were the one who committed the ‘offence’? You were the one who ‘wronged’ someone else?

The Key is owning up to your mistakes, understand why or how they occurred, and then rectifying the situation and make it right. Once that is done, its important to then put the past behind you so you can move on. Accept what has happened and show yourself compassion.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciling! You don’t actually have to tell the person who wronged you that you forgive them. Forgiveness is for you and you alone.

Forgiveness is the beginning of the healing process.

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