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Welcome to The Manifesting and Wellbeing Community. This website is for those who want to learn more about Manifesting and creating a life you have always dreamed of. My commitment to you is that I will always continually explore what’s needed to get the best information regarding manifesting techniques and products.


Our Story

Of all the authors – Transpersonal Psychology, Researchers & Philosophers – I have read, Michael Domekyo Rowland and his life-changing material are up there with the best.

Michael unexpectedly passed away in January 2019. At the time I was fortunate enough to have been working with him on his last course. So, being a mentor student of Michaels, I am privileged to be one of the few officially appointed by Michael and his wife Paulina to be allowed to distribute his incredible work to the world.

As well as my work with Michael, I am also a qualified Youth Mentor, Life Coach and Wellbeing Facilitator. I have created this website to share my knowledge and experience with you and hope that I can assist in transforming your life to one you have always dreamed of.

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