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Dignity During Divorce

At Your Wellbeing Centre we support women who are navigating their way through separation and divorce. By combining our experience in meditation and mindfulness practices you are gentling guided through the turmoil of divorce.  We help you to reclaim your identity, self-confidence and self-worth. We give you clarity and hope during one of the most stressful times of your life.

Divorce isn’t just the end of your marriage. It can be the single most significant and comprehensive emotional and financial event in your life. It affects your children, your wellbeing and unfortunately your friendships.

Together we work out your ‘Board of Directors’ who are the professionals you can trust to support you through this journey. You can rely on your Board of Directors for Legal and Financial advice as well as physical and psychological wellbeing.

No divorce is the same, your divorce is unique to you. That is why your coaching program also has to be unique to you, it evolves organically. There is no ‘one size fits all’.



Manifesting Programs

Have you ever thought why some people seem to be happier than everyone else or they appear to ‘have it all together’? They are creating their fortunes, finding true happiness within their relationships and are just brimming with confidence, creativity and power.

Do you find yourself questioning why them and not you?

The thing is, everyone has the ability to tap into this remarkable ‘power’ and manifest the life that dreams are made of.

At Your Wellbeing Centre we have the resources to help you discover how to find the power within and become a Conscious Manifestor to help reveal your true purpose and help you live the life you have always dreamed of.

When you start to understand how it works, the manifesting process suddenly becomes a huge force for making positive changes, your life will transform in miraculous ways.

Gabby McDonald Divorce coach
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meditation wellbeing centre


What Others Say

I have been working with Gabby in both a professional and personal arena for the past 15 years.

In this particular instance she is coaching me through a divorce and I wish to express how professional she is. Even though we touch on very sensitive emotions, she remains impartial and conducts the session with diplomacy, confidence and discretion.

Gabby is very easy to talk to, is a great listener and no problem is too hard for her to support you through. She instills power and confidence into your mind that you didn’t realise were there. In other words opens you up to achieving what you think is impossible.

Angie S


Thank you so much for the coaching sessions – they have really helped give me a new perspective on approaches to tackle many things, and an understanding on how to move forward in my career and personally life with a better mindset. I didn’t realise how much was in my head that was holding me back both personally & professionally. You are amazing & it’s very appreciated.

Fran O


I have just completed 6 coaching sessions with Gabby McDonald and I’m blown away with how much we have achieved in such a short time. The timeline therapy was powerful and her wisdom and ability to help me put things in perspective have really helped me move forward in many areas of my life. I really looked forward to each session and I will miss them. Thank you Gabby, you are amazing and certainly on the right path xxxxxx

Martina B


“I have worked one on one with Gabby over the last few months, her warmth and compassionate nature put me at ease instantly. Gabby’s passion for helping others achieve their goals and move forward in life is inspirational.” – Louisa French


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